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Livedrive Drive First Time Setup

If you have not already installed Livedrive, please follow the instructions below:

[1] When you create your Livedrive order, you will get an email containing your your personalise web address, username and password.    Please visit the personalise web address and log into Livedrive with the usernamer and password you have received.  Your personalise web address will be like “yourname.livedrive.com”.

[2] Download Livedrive software and Install it.  When you log into Livedrive via your personalised web address click on Download and install Livedrive:

dowload livedrive


[3] Once installed you will see a screen similar to this:

livedrive account

Livedrive will automatically select your default backup folders (pictures, documents, videos).  You can check what folders are being backed up and add additional folders by clicking on Settings->Backup Selection.

Livedrive is now up and running and you have nothing else to do.  In the event you need to restore your files then you can click on the “Restore” button and select the files to restore back to your computer, very convenient.


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