PC Protect One - Unlimited Devices, Unlimited Repairs - Perfect for families

Who and What is PC Protect?

PC Protect has been brought to you by popular demand of our customers.  Every day we get customers coming into our store who have never once serviced their computer, checked for viruses or backed up their precious photos and data until it is too late!  The answer to this is our amazing PC Protect service.

What do you get as standard?

Firstly, every PC Protect computer comes with a quick link to our amazing customer service ticketing system.  If you have any IT issues what-so-ever you simply click on the PC Protect lifebelt icon in your taskbar (next to your clock) and create a new ticket.  Your enquiries does directly to our technicians who will respond back to you.

Secondly, as standard you get our 24/7 proactive checks and automatic daily tune-up of your computer to ensure it is running as optimal as possible.

Our PC Protect Home package has everything in the PC Protect Basic package in addition to the award winning Bitdefender Internet Security fully managed for you.  Bitdefender Internet Security has been independently compared to all the other internet security systems available and every year it always comes out on top!

Our PC Protect Home Plus takes this a step further and gives you total computer protection, and not only gives you all the benefits of PC Protect Home, but you also get Web protection which help prevents you from visiting malicious websites and ensures your family’s web browsing experience is totally protected.

You also get totally unlimited cloud backup which works automatically in the background ensuring all your precious data, documents, photos, music and videos are backed up.  You can even view your photos from your tablet, iPad and mobile phone!

Not leaving business owners out we also offer PC Protect Business for home based businesses and also small to medium size businesses gives you 24/7 proactive checks, web protection, immediate support and assistance, weekly and monthly reports and this service will help minimise any costly downtimes.

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