PC Protect One - Unlimited Devices, Unlimited Repairs - Perfect for families

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Unlimited Repairs, Unlimited Devices

PC Protect One is the perfect plan for families with multiple devices and want to bundle all their household them into ONE plan giving you peace of mind that when any of your home tech including PC, Mac, Game Consoles, iPhone and Pads break down, you can simple pop them into any of our stores…

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After our Server Upgrade Some Direct Debits to failed to process

In December,  GoCardless who handles our Direct Debit subscription payments via PC Protect website upgraded their systems.  Their new API (the API is the communications link between GoCardless to PC Protect website) was also changed. In response to this change, we upgraded the server that hosts the PC Protect Website as well as the PC Protect…

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Raise a support Request

PC Protect is your personal IT dept!  Make sure you use PC Protect to ask any questions you may have or help with any IT problems you are experiencing. How to Raise a Support Ticket with PC Protect? Most issues can be addressed through our support system by reply to your email.  If we cannot…

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Livedrive Drive First Time Setup

If you have not already installed Livedrive, please follow the instructions below: [1] When you create your Livedrive order, you will get an email containing your your personalise web address, username and password.    Please visit the personalise web address and log into Livedrive with the usernamer and password you have received.  Your personalise web address…

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Getting Started with PC Protect for the first time

Once you have signed up for your PC Protect product, you will receive your order confirmation.  In this email you you will find a download link (see image below). If you have not received this email or not sure how to proceed please let me know and I will get everything up and running for you…

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Who and What is PC Protect?

PC Protect has been brought to you by popular demand of our customers.  Every day we get customers coming into our store who have never once serviced their computer, checked for viruses or backed up their precious photos and data until it is too late!  The answer to this is our amazing PC Protect service. What…

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